UNews Digital Receives McNair Foundation Seed Funding

Houston, TX – March 1, 2015– UNews Digital LLC is pleased to announce the acceptance of $25,000 in funding from the newly founded McNair Houston Ignition Fund. UNews is among the first group of companies to receive seed funding from the McNair Houston Ignition Fund. UNews became eligible for this funding after being accepted as a client into the Houston Technology Center’s Acceleration Program.

With the McNair Houston Ignition Fund, UNews Digital LLC is developing an app that gives local broadcasters an opportunity to showcase their content in the digital space while also reaping the benefits of the burgeoning billion dollar digital ad revenue market.

In December of 2014, Scott Schwinger, President & CEO of The McNair Group, announced a $1 million annual commitment to offer emerging technology companies a $25,000 investment each upon their acceptance as a client of the Houston Technology Center. The initiative is known as the “McNair Houston Ignition Fund.”

About The McNair Group: The McNair Group is a diversified group of investment, operating and philanthropic companies that is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with an investment focus in the energy, real estate, technology and health science industries. The McNair Group is owned by Robert C. McNair, the founder and majority owner of the Houston Texans NFL franchise.

About The Houston Technology Center: The Houston Technology Center (HTC) is a business accelerator and the largest technology business incubator in Texas. HTC serves as the nexus of new ideas, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a catalyst for change, economic growth and development, HTC’s focus is to assist in the incubation, acceleration and commercialization of emerging technology companies. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, HTC assists Houston-based entrepreneurs within several key sectors: energy, information technology, life sciences, nanotechnology, and NASA/aerospace.

About UNews Digital LLC: UNews Digital LLC ushers local broadcasters into the digital age with an updated presentation of their content and space to maximize their digital ad revenue opportunities. Viewers benefit from having a customized newscast waiting for them each time they open the app.

Author: unewsdigital

CEO & President of UNews Digital

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